kbachelder's Journal

28 January
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I live in the Boston, MA area. Nowadays you'll find me hanging out in the fandoms for several TV shows and movies such as Firefly, Farscape, Buffy and Legend of the Seeker to name just a few.

I work on several podcasts -

Tuning In To Scifi TV http://www.tuningintoscifitv.com
The Seeker Cast (Legend of the Seeker) http://www.theseekercast.com
The Signal (Firefly) http://www.serenityfirefly.com
The ScapeCast (Farscape) http://www.scapecast.org

When I'm not watching SciFi TV shows and movies, dealing with computer issues I enjoy spending time with my lovely wife and two daughters.

You can also find me on Twitter http://www.twitter.com/kbachelder